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  • Stomio.

The Stomio Beach has a rich golden and shallow sandy beach that stretches for 2km. Wonderfully combines the blue of the sea and the magnificent green of mountain Ossa (Kissavos) and Olympus. Organized beach with beach bars, is ideal for families and water sports enthusiasts, especially wind surfers. In the harbor you can moor your boat (small vessels are accepted).

South of the hotel and at a distance of 3-4 km. They formed small, secluded, picturesque beaches 50-100 meters long, mainly pebble and sand. Some are easily accessible by road, while other by path. None of these beaches are organized.

  • Panagia

For some looking crowd less beaches and walks in the lush natural environment of the coastline, there is also rocky and deserted beach Panagia with benches, tables and permanent shade trees. Much used by local fishermen.

  • Psarolakas

The beach is the largest of the small beaches, beautiful with pebbles, clear waters and magnificent surroundings. Far from crowded since it is not well known and is accessible only through a path (about ten minutes) with many trees.

  • Pigadi

After Psarolaka beach is a small cove, the beach Pigadi. The opening of the Pigadi beach reaches up to 80 meters, covered with fine pebbles and the water is extremely clean and transparent. The beach waters are usually calm, since only influenced by easterly winds. The natural environment here is great, as the shady trees, the arias, and the olives are only a few meters from the beach.

  • Kalivi

The small coast Kalivi is the first creek that meets one coastline to the South after Pigadi beach. It has large stones and is mainly used by fishermen and snorkeling

  • Platia Ammos

The enormous plane trees that shade the afternoon and evening hours the beach offering a natural umbrella and black pebbles with wide sandy beach that adorn the beach are the main characteristics. The rocks that define right and left the small beach make the landscape exotic. The beach is organized with a beach bar and a taverna.

  • Tsiligiorgos

The Tsiligorgos beach nestled between the beach Kokkino Nero and Platia Ammos beach. It is a small and nice sandy beach, easy access and plenty of trees.

  • Kokkino Nero

The Beach of Kokkino Nero consists of two coasts. On the north side there is a long pebble beach with almost half a kilometer on the opposite side of the sandy beach 1 km long. The rock complexes with rocky caves create here a unique landscape.

  •  Koutsoupia

The beach of Koutsoupia is picturesque, with fine sand and pebbles. The beach is organized with beach bar and restaurants.

  • Paliourgia

The Paliouria beach is fully organized with restaurants and beach bars. Is a large area that extends about 2 km. and is sandy with some pebbles. A part of the beach is covered with trees and always has shade.

  • Vrahakia Velikas

The Vrahakia Velikas beach is at the beginning of Velika. Here the scene is different. The hillside is cut off the road at high altitude and ends a few meters before the sea by the enchanting scenery. One part of the beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while the rest is pebble and sand.

  • Velika

The awarded with the Blue Flag beach of Velika, is in some places sandy and in other pebble. It is well organized, with many taverns and beach bars.

  • Kato Sotiritsa

The Kato Sotiritsa beach is Located between Agiokampos and Velika Beach. Characteristics of the beach is sand and small pebbles, the large size and the deep sea. It is organized with beach bars and restaurants.

  • Agiokampos

The Agiokampos beach is sandy and pebble, crystal clear waters and awarded with the Blue Flag. The extent of Agiokampos beach along the Velika and Sotiritsa beach reaches 14 km.

  • Papakosta beach

The Papakosta beach is a beautiful and quiet sandy beach, 1 km long, surrounded by a forest of oaks and arbutus. Located near to Kato Polydendri, just 4 km from Agiokampos on the road to Rakopotamos. The Papakosta beach is not organized.

  • Polydendri

The Polydenri Beach is the first beach someone meets after Agiokampos the way to Rakopotamos. The area reaches 300 meters and is a deserted beach with small pebbles. In this coastline there are more small beaches aprox. 30-70 long. The access is achieved only by foot through paths.

  • Rakopotamos

The Rakopotamos beach is sandy golden color with little pebble and is located 8 km. From Agiokampos, On the way to Polydenri. Its name is based on the existence of a stream, the "Rakopotamos" .it is a beautiful and tranquil beach, and the sea is mainly calm most of the time. Divided into three bays, combining mountain and sea, where the vegetation reaches up to the first rocks of the sea. In Rakopotamos there are Beach bars and restaurants.

  • Mylos Glymeni

The beach Mylos Glymeni is the last beach of Larissa Prefecture, from the side of the Magnesia Prefecture and abstains from Agiokampos about 15 km. You can visit the following the road to Sklithro after Rakopotamos beach. When you see a sign saying "Isiomata Keramidi" (Tile) turn on the dirt road and in less than 15 minutes, only come in view a large rock alone in the sea, you have arrived. It deserted beach with main feature of large stones and carved by the waves pebbles. Also it is not organized, so make sure you are properly equipped.

It is ideal for snorkeling and diving because in that area became many shipwrecks with a major German warship carrying gold. In the area are the old Mill and Mining.

  • North from our Hotel you will find more beaches.
  • Alexandrini (Strintzios)

The Alexandrini beach (Strintzios) located in the mouth of Peneus river where fresh water mixes with salt. Here the visitor will be lost in the deep blue sea and the lush vegetation of the river away from noises. The Alexandini beach has golden sand and its extent reaches 2 km. The sea water here is mixed with those of the river and the scenery is fantastic.

  • Kouloura

The Kouloura beach is sandy and award-winning, next to the Delta of Penaeus river.

  • Messagala

The Messagala beach is well-organized and well-known for the healing properties of it’s sand, due to temperature. Many tourists visit it to make sandbaths, which contribute to the treatment of the joints. The sea is relatively shallow, ideal for families.

  • Neoi Poroi

Great sandy beach with crystal clear water and views of Mount Olympus. Beach very well organized, ideal for families and for water sports. Very close to the beach you will find cafes, taverns and shops.

  • Platamonas

The beach overlooking Olympus and the famous Castle of Platamonas combines pebble and sand with crystal clear waters. For many years it has been awarded the Blue Flag, which proves the quality of services that the visitor will encounter.

It is organized with beach bars, taverns and shops. In the harbor you can moor your boat (accept small vessels).

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